long time no blog :(

greetings all who follow (which is probably no one but i like to pretend)

haha sorry i havent bloggy blog bloggd in a whileeee but dont worry i have lots to tell!

im applying for jobs! but no ones called 😦
wahhh i wanna make money haha

also, theres a new hunk in my life!!! but not really he just sits next to me in one of my classes haha.

yeahhhhhhh still pretty borinng over here!

i wanna hear about your day!!!!! how was it?

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2 Responses to long time no blog :(

  1. ventamatic says:

    this is the perfect blog post, why?, its like dropping by , showing your own page some love, why not.

    my days have been very nice so far, i had a great vacation, got to be around people i care about and letting the love in my heart.
    so my days have been nice.

    yours truly ,

  2. Sam Marron says:

    haha i just love this post! but if those guys are the hunks then hey i have one too:)

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