I shall be 17 years of age on january 17th! Yes 17 on the 17th! Haha I’m actually excited for this birthday (which is unusual) because I might be getting a car!!! Also, I’m having a party this year (also unusual)
Since the 17th is mlk day we have school off!! Yayy

However I have a question, how am I supposed to entertain ten girls for a whole night?
I need suggestions!
(: thanksssss

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4 Responses to Seventeen!!!!!

  1. jmcartee says:

    OMG!! SLUMBER PARTY! Lol, im just kidding. Happy Birthday though. Ill be 17 in feb. You could watch some awesome movies. Those are fun.

  2. linaswelt says:

    i can’t congratulate you, ’cause in switzerland is still the 16. so maybe if i don’t forget it i’ll do it. 🙂

    you could do a pyjama party. go out with your friends, maybe there is a club for 17 years old teenes or cook something togheter and watch a movie!

    tell me what you’re going to do!

  3. venaira says:

    Happy early birthday!!!!
    And I agree, movies are always a good source of entertainment, perhaps order a pizza or two as well.

  4. riichamu says:

    Thank you so much for your subscribe! It means a lot to me :] xxx

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