I love this photo

I love this photo

This is me and some people I met at school.

I was quite happy in this moment!

We were at some party sitting outside on someones stoop. I barely remember this night but I do remember how much fun I had and how everything felt right.

I am also wearing my favorite blue tshirt and hippy earrings.

I love this picture!

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fresh faced 18 year old

fresh faced 18 year old

this was taken during my freshman year old college. I 18 years old. My friend of seventeen years was on my side there. my other friend had curled my hair and I was quite tickled with my self in this photo haha i though I was hot.

I think my head looks really big and yellow looks terrible on me

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Im back…. its been two long years






It’s been two long years since I have blogged. I just stumbled upon this little blog while I was going through an old email account. Apparently the fact that I haven’t blogged in two years hasn’t stopped people from following me so I decided to read again what I once wrote.

I was a funny 17 year old. My thoughts were so humorous to me. To think my biggest worry was my braces (even though they were absolutely horrible and tortured me till senior year)  is quite funny to me now. All my thoughts were funny, but also intelligent. I was mature and bright for being 17.

I started this blog in order to change my life. And I think that I did. I wanted to make it more exciting and vivid and fun! and I did that. And I love myself for that. 

So thank you 17 year old Aubrey for writing these blogs. They are wonderful and I shall continue writing!


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long time no blog :(

greetings all who follow (which is probably no one but i like to pretend)

haha sorry i havent bloggy blog bloggd in a whileeee but dont worry i have lots to tell!

im applying for jobs! but no ones called 😦
wahhh i wanna make money haha

also, theres a new hunk in my life!!! but not really he just sits next to me in one of my classes haha.

yeahhhhhhh still pretty borinng over here!

i wanna hear about your day!!!!! how was it?

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I shall be 17 years of age on january 17th! Yes 17 on the 17th! Haha I’m actually excited for this birthday (which is unusual) because I might be getting a car!!! Also, I’m having a party this year (also unusual)
Since the 17th is mlk day we have school off!! Yayy

However I have a question, how am I supposed to entertain ten girls for a whole night?
I need suggestions!
(: thanksssss

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braces are the devils work.

being 17 and still having braces is mildly depressing. actually no scratch that its INTENSELY DEPRESSING. am i really gunna have to look back on my prom pictures and see braces? ughhh. not to mention guys arnt jumping out of their seats to date a girl with a load a metal in her mouth.

do you think braces have a effect on the attractiveness of a person? is that why i don’t have a boyfriend haha

just though i’d vent. thanks, your main man aubreyblobery.

ps: i always smile with my mouth closed to hide the extreme ugliness inside my mouth…


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i blog because

its a great way to express yourself.

however how am i supposed to express my self if i dont know who i am?

im always confused what to put on that ‘about me’ part on websites

the only thing i do know is that i dont feel the way i look. i come off as cute and bubbly but im rather smart and i always feel like stronger than i look…does that make sense? haha oh welll i hope to find myself through blogging.

ill leave you with a question

why do you blog?

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